MN 108: Geographe – The Importance of Aftermarket Parts & Solutions in the Mining Industry

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MN 108: Geographe – The Importance of Aftermarket Parts & Solutions in the Mining Industry

Get ready to discover the cutting-edge world of heavy machinery and plant equipment solutions with our latest Mining Now episode filmed at Perth.

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In this Mining Episode filmed at Perth, viewers will have the opportunity to hear from Geographe’s CEO Sam Hyder about the importance of aftermarkets and spare parts in the mining industry.

Geographe is an Australian dynamic company that has been providing heavy machinery and plant equipment solutions for more than 50 years. They prioritize efficient distribution to provide the best value for their customers.

During the video, Sam Hyder shares how Geographe applies Formula 1-style incremental gains and the moneyball approach to their business, ensuring they get the most value out of everything they have. Geographe also prioritizes the value of people and their safety, which has become a standard in their long-term business strategies.

The discussion also includes a case study where Geographe created a special tool to solve a client’s problem. By focusing on the end-user, Geographe was able to come up with an efficient solution that was refreshing for heavy industry and mining.

Geographe’s leadership approach is inclusive and team-focused. They clarify the vision of the company and find the right talent to achieve it. The team meets every fortnight to review everything in the business, from senior to mid-level team members.

The industry outlook for the previous and next five years is also discussed, where Geographe doubled their business through the pandemic by not cutting corners and focusing on being as good or better than OEM. With 60 years of advanced manufacturing expertise, Geographe is looking forward to providing even more value to its clients in the future.

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🔸 Guest Speaker: Sam Hyder – Chief Executive Officer
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