MN 105: Gekko Systems – Mineral Processing Solutions for Gold and Critical Minerals

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February 22, 2023
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MN 105: Gekko Systems – Mineral Processing Solutions for Gold and Critical Minerals

Learn more about Gekko Systems and its cutting-edge solutions for the mining industry

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Gekko Systems is a global leader in developing and operating energy-efficient mineral processing technologies. In this video, we’ll meet General Manager Nigel Grigg, an expert in the industry with extensive experience in the sector, who will provide valuable insights into their company’s advanced technology and customized solutions.

You’ll learn about their innovative gravity concentrators, including their unique technology such as the inline leach reactor, inline spinner, and carbon scale. You’ll see how their build packages are tailored to client’s specific needs, from small packages to modular units and full process plants.

You’ll also hear from CEO Andrew Edmondston who will share his vision for the company and its focus on critical mineral solutions and plants. You’ll discover how they have expanded its focus beyond gold to critical minerals and has established offices around the world in Perth, Vancouver, Johannesburg, and South America.

Andrew will discuss Gekko Systems’ strong partnerships with leading organizations such as CSIRO, Amira Global, and Weir Minerals. You’ll also learn about Gekko Systems’ commitment to after-sales service, with their engineers frequently visiting sites to solve problems and optimize plants.

With 75% of their production being exported, they are creating highly skilled jobs and a dynamic workforce while satisfying the demand for advanced mineral processing solutions around the world.

Since 1995, Gekko has been developing technologies to improve cost-to-recovery ratios, enhance operational efficiencies, extend mine life, and protect the environment. Gekko’s innovation and development cycle provides clients with clear answers, state-of-the-art concepts, optimized installations, and high yields.

Technology Solutions include: Low cost technologies that increase gold recovery (IPJ, ILR, G-Rex) and Engineered solutions (Python, treating satellite and underground deposits, and the Gravity Box.)

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about Gekko Systems and its cutting-edge solutions for the mining industry.

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🔸 Guest Speaker 1: Andrew Edmondston – CEO
🔸 Guest Speaker 2: Nigel Grigg – General Manager
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