MN 119. From Data to Value: Epiroc’s Mining Software Solutions Explained

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MN 119. From Data to Value: Epiroc’s Mining Software Solutions Explained

Discover how their software solutions can increase safety, utilization, and productivity while identifying more business value through data.

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In this episode of Mining Now, we talked with Dawn Larsen, Digital Solutions Manager for Epiroc in Canada. Filmed at PDAC, Dawn shared how Epiroc’s software solutions can deliver real value to mines through digitalization and mine intelligence.

Epiroc has acquired many world-class software solutions, and now they work with their mine customers to develop a digital roadmap, identifying more business value through data. In this video, you’ll learn where digital mining software can deliver the most value and how it can increase safety, utilization, and productivity in a mine.

Dawn highlighted some of Epiroc’s software solutions that are being used by various mines:

Mobilaris Situational Awareness
With real-time data and superior 3D visualization Mobilaris Situational Awareness enables transparency and awareness for everyone in the control room.

Mobilaris PocketMine
With Mobilaris PocketMine, everybody will be able to know what is going on in the mine.

Mobilaris Emergency Support
Mobilaris Emergency Support helps the rescue leader to direct the evacuation according to defined procedures until everyone is safe.

Mobilaris Planning and Scheduling
True Short Interval Control using real-time input from the daily operation. Closing the loop between plan and reality making it possible to save the shift.

If you’re interested in learning more about mining software solutions and how they can help your mine increase safety and productivity, watch this video now! Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to Mining Now for more insightful content.

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Guest Speaker: Dawn Larsen – Digital Solutions Manager, Canada
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