TWCBS 03. From Banking to Firefighting: A Journey of Service & Impact with Jeff Moore

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TWCBS 03. From Banking to Firefighting: A Journey of Service & Impact with Jeff Moore

Join us on another episode of The West Coast Business Show as we discuss the inspiring journey of Jeffrey Moore, a man of diverse talents and unwavering dedication to making a difference.

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Jeff Moore, the Honorary Deputy Chief of Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services and Honorary Consul General of El Salvador, shares his remarkable journey and multi-faceted contributions in an interview with The West Coast Business Show hosted by Jerrod Downey and William Donnellan.

Jeff’s journey encompasses a diverse range of roles, from his extensive career in banking to his passionate involvement with firefighting and community service. His dedication to giving back led him to work closely with firefighting departments across Canada for almost three decades. This commitment earned him the prestigious title of Honorary Deputy Chief of Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services. Jeff’s international outreach also extends to his role as Honorary Consul General of El Salvador, where he focuses on developing projects to support the less fortunate and create strong cross-cultural ties between Canada and various countries.

Throughout the interview, Jeff emphasizes his philosophy on stress management and maintaining a positive outlook. He considers stress a bad habit and encourages rationalizing and finding solutions to avoid unnecessary stress. Sharing personal anecdotes and lessons from his parents, especially his father’s influence as a surgeon and his mother’s impact on his international involvement, Jeff highlights the importance of perspective, resilience, and the drive to make a difference.

Jeff’s wide-ranging experiences and impactful contributions make the interview a compelling watch, offering insights into his multifaceted journey and the values that have guided him. His practical advice on stress management and his passion for fostering international relationships through community service are compelling reasons to watch the full interview.

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