CI 23. Exploring Information Handling and Digitization with HighVail Systems Inc.

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July 5, 2023
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September 20, 2023

CI 23. Exploring Information Handling and Digitization with HighVail Systems Inc.

Learn more about cloud computing technology.

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In this episode, hosts Gus Minor and Eric Demers delve into the fascinating world of information handling and digitization. Joining them is special guest Bradley Brodkin, Founder and CEO of HighVail Systems Inc., a leading expert in the field.

In this thought-provoking discussion, the hosts and guest explore the impact of digitization on various industries, including mining. They discuss the challenges and benefits of transitioning from traditional paper-based systems to cloud-based solutions. Cybersecurity also takes center stage, as they address concerns around data protection and the advantages of cloud hosting.

Bradley sheds light on the concept of the cloud and its widespread presence in our daily lives. He explains how the cloud operates across personal devices and secure data centers, emphasizing its ability to provide high availability and redundancy. The scalability of the cloud is explored, highlighting how it enables businesses to grow and adapt without the limitations of physical hardware infrastructure.

Throughout the episode, the conversation touches on data backup and recovery, the importance of encryption, and the practicality of cloud solutions for personal use. The hosts and guest emphasize the value of the cloud in terms of accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficient data management.

Join Gus, Eric, and Bradley as they navigate the intricacies of the cloud and its impact on information handling. Discover the possibilities and advantages of embracing cloud technology in today’s digital age.

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Guest Speaker: Bradley Brodkin
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Change Itself

Change is all around us every day, so how do you manage the changes that happen in mining year round? Welcome to another episode of Change Itself hosted by Gus Minor and Eric Demers. The show is brought to you by Sofvie and Technica Mining and produced by Crownsmen Partners. Now here are your hosts Gus & Eric.

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Change itself is produced by Crownsmen Partners, The Voice of Industry. Check out more of our shows including The Crownsmen Show, Mining NOW, Building Energy, and Agriculture Now.

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