TCS 80: MNP – Significant Changes for Capital Deployment in Alberta

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September 7, 2021
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September 15, 2021

TCS 80: MNP – Significant Changes for Capital Deployment in Alberta

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Last summer the Alberta government released “Alberta’s Recovery Plan” to create jobs, build capital and diversify the economy. Key elements of this plan included creating jobs and investing in Energy and Infrastructure. This plan is well underway but also requires private industry (including the energy industry) to invest alongside the government. But, the investment and capital build environment is changing rapidly and significantly. So today on The Crownsmen Show have two people from MNP to help unpack 3 streams:

  • Environmental Legislation/regulation
  • Indigenous Consultation
  • ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and the connection to raising capital


Edward Olson – Leader, Environmental, Social & Governance at MNP

Germaine Conacher – Consulting Services at MNP, National Lead of the Duty to Consult Practice at MNP

MNP which is the largest Canadian consulting, accounting and tax firm with corporate headquarters here in Alberta; Calgary in fact.  Germaine Conacher is the National Lead of the Duty to Consult Practice at MNP and will provide insights on Regulatory and Indigenous issues including several recent and highly relevant court decisions affecting the Energy Industry. Ed Olson is MNP’s national lead for ESG and has practical knowledge of the recent challenges to raise capital connected with ESG performance and where this requirement is moving.




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