TCS 79: Rhinowear – Branded Cast Solutions from The Bucket Shop

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August 31, 2021
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TCS 79: Rhinowear – Branded Cast Solutions from The Bucket Shop


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Ever expanding and now more than ever at a Global scale The Bucket Shop once again joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss their full line of cast solutions – Rhinowear. In this episode they are not just explaining why the brand outperforms at every level but Vice President Paul Woodward makes clear “as the global distributor they are looking for dealers”. In this context he and his team outline the value, technical advantages, and distribution model to serve clients at a global scale.


Rhinowear Portfolio includes:

  1. Cast lips/heels
  2. Chrome White Iron (CWI)
  3. Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO)
  4. Compounds/Polymers
  5. Engineered Lifting Lugs

2015 was TBS’s branded launch of cast lip, heel, and the 2-piece bucket. They worked directly with a foundry to design, engineer and create the metallurgy for bucket wear systems, including protective lips and heel shrouds. After completing the 8th generation, the time was right to use the success and have Rhinowear as the name and entity to front the new direction.


2020 saw the formal introduction of Rhinowear: a comprehensive suite of wear products exclusively represented by TBS and its dealer network. The Bucket Shop worked directly with their foundry for the design and metallurgy. With proven wear results since 2015 they are now positioned to produce for global distribution.


Featured Guest from The Bucket Shop ft exclusive distributor Rhinowear Wear products


Paul Woodward – Vice President:

Tim McKinnon – Technical Sales:

Jamieson Pouw – Business Optimization Lead:


Learn More about The Bucket Shop’s complete offerings of buckets, truck Boxes, TBS innovation, customer projects, specialized services, and more:


More About The Bucket Shop

The Bucket Shop adds value to any enterprise in the business of earth moving, including mucking, excavation, reclamation, mining, or trenching. They provide wear solutions for all mining bucket applications that extend life cycles of 3 to 4 times! It is our mission to help clients improve productivity and reduce operating costs by providing new innovative options. Our TBS-branded solutions include:

  • 5 Piece cast lip system accompanied with our specialty alloy laden heel castings
  • Cast heel shrouds
  • Mechanical 2-piece and 5-piece buckets with optional disposable front ends

The benefits to clients include:

  • Increase equipment life cycles by 3 to 4 times
  • Lower replacement costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs on the buckets, engine, and tires
  • Improve overall safety
  • Increase production and productivity
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower environmental impacts

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