TCS 77: Skyline Robotics – OZMO The first Window Cleaning Robot with AI & Machine Learning

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June 22, 2021
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August 31, 2021

TCS 77: Skyline Robotics – OZMO The first Window Cleaning Robot with AI & Machine Learning

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Commercial window cleaning has not changed since the industry launched. In the last 100 years, buildings have scaled dramatically in height and window surface area, allowing tenants to enjoy the external beauty around them. But cleaning these windows while suspended hundreds of feet in the air poses a great risk for the workers and the public. Skyline Robotics believes that people are more than robots, and that is why – starting with window cleaning – they aim to automate all types of work at heights. Their COO Ross Blum joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss their window cleaning robot Ozmo, business development approach  and future R&D.


More About Ozmo

Combining Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with state of the art robotic control and an array of sensors, Ozmo™ was designed to detect and learn all types of complex architecture while adapting to the changing environment. Ozmo learns any building’s façade, detecting the nuances of complex architecture in order to create the most effective cleaning path while never missing a spot. Ozmo™ cleans buildings without changing or adding any infrastructure.


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