TCS 76: Tadano: Product Launches, Acquisitions, New Technology & More with Ingo Schillero

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TCS 76: Tadano: Product Launches, Acquisitions, New Technology & More with Ingo Schillero

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This special episode featuring Tadano is as much about cranes as it is about unifying a brand. It delves into everything from leadership strategy and philosophy to global acquisitions and technology integration. Joining The Crownsmen Show is Ingo Schiller, President of Tadano America Corporation. Being the second generation in the crane business Ingo brings both an understanding of the lifting industry’s history including Tadano’s and deep insight into modern markets’ demands for technology, safety, and capability. 

During the leadership portion of the interview, Ingo discusses his own responsibilities including geography, how communication is carried out, and his own history in the industry. He also highlights Mr. Toshiaki Ujiie succeeding Mr. Tadano, as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Representative Director of Tadano Ltd, Mr. Tadano has taken a new role as Chairman of the Board and Representative Director. Learn More, Press release announcing new Tadano CEO

Another major focus of the interview was on brand unification and One Tadano strategy. Ingo walks us through several of the acquisitions by Tadano including Demag. In addition to technological and manufacturing excellence, Demag’s mobile cranes give Tadano one of the most complete ranges of lifting equipment solutions available from a single manufacturer. It expands the product line with eight lattice boom crawler crane models with lift capacities from 400 to 3,200 t (440 to 3,525 U.S. tons). Also, Demag’s 15 all terrain crane models enhance Tadano’s maximum lift capacity in-segment to 1,200 t (1,320 U.S. tons). Post-acquisition, the Tadano Group’s total lifting equipment line now includes more than 80 models, including rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes, lattice and telescopic boom crawler cranes, truck cranes, and more.

Ingo highlights several new product lines including:

  • The new GTC-1600 which boasts a 6-section, 13.1 metre to 61 metre hydraulic boom, which is designed for flexibility with higher, longer capabilities for lift work, while also enabling out-of-level and pick-and-carry work. 
  • The incredible GR-1300XL-4 that is redefining the rough terrain crane market. Its six-section boom can extend up to 183.7 feet using a reliable telescoping pinning system, making it the longest boom of any rough terrain crane in the 130 USt weight class. Tadano’s “Smart Chart” is also on-board, allowing the crane’s work performance to be maximized. With a compact carrier length of just 28 feet on a two-axle system and a self-removable counterweight, the GR-1300XL-4 can be transported to job sites easily and efficiently. 

It wouldn’t be a complete interview without looking at several of the key technologies being added and integrated in Tadanos’s cranes including Smart Counterweight. The GR-1000XLL-4 and GR-1000XL-4 are the first Tadano rough terrain cranes to have the “Smart Counterweight” system that enables the counterweight to have two mounting positions. This feature increases the load chart by up to approximately 20%. Tadano’s proprietary “Smart Chart” is also on-board, allowing the crane’s work performance to be maximized. He also unpacks the IC-1 Remote advanced telematics solution that gives you the data you need to monitor your crane fleet, anytime and from anywhere an internet connection is available. The cloud-based data helps you to make more profitable investments, increase job planning efficiency and reduce downtime through improved service planning.

Our goal at Crownsmen is to not just give a voice to industry but to give an in-depth voice. To make sure every episode promotes the progress and abilities of the companies we feature and leaves the audience with a deeper understanding of technology, leadership, and business strategy with heavy industry. Without a doubt, Mr. Ingo Schiller and Tadano exoemfy this goal. This incredible company shows it’s about patience, understanding your market, collaboration, and a long-term outlook. We are proud to add their voice of leadership to The Voice of Industry!

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