TCS 73: Ground Force & Mine Support Equipment – Fuel Lube to Road Maintenance

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March 9, 2021
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TCS 73: Ground Force & Mine Support Equipment – Fuel Lube to Road Maintenance

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They have custom, they have pre-manufactured but it is all giant and it is all manufactured for the mining industry. Luke Stravos, President of Ground Force Worldwide joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss their solutions for Fuel Lube, Water Delivery, Cable Handling, Road Maintenance & More! 

This interview showcases their diverse product line for surface mining, examples of some of the projects from around the world and their 30 years history of innovation. Supplying the mining industry is a competitive field and Luke discusses his approach, dealing with the pressure, and maximizing production capabilities to fulfill orders. This in-depth interview gives you real insight into what it takes to thrive as a manufacturer in mining’s global market. 

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