TCS 72. Hydraulics Excavator Attachment to Create & Restore Ditches – Ditch Doctor ft Adam Fisher

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March 2, 2021
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March 9, 2021

TCS 72. Hydraulics Excavator Attachment to Create & Restore Ditches – Ditch Doctor ft Adam Fisher

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Adam Fisher is the inventor of the Ditch Doctor® excavator attachment used to create, restore and maintain ditches. Powered by the hydraulics of an excavator it is faster, more cost effective and kinder to the environment when compared to the conventional method of a bucket and trucking away the spoil. From the first prototype in 2002 there are now two sizes to choose from and the ability to work in either dry or wet conditions.

This unique method of ditching using the  Ditch Doctor® is providing new opportunities for additional Distributors and Owner Operators. Inventor/Founder/President Adam Fisher joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss how the Ditch Doctor® works, compelling case studies compiled after years of research and development. Adam discusses developing the business, working with new customers like Great Lakes Dock & Dredge Corporation and working with distributors like like Ransom Attachments out of the United States.

He also discusses how through extensive R&D he upgraded the Ditch Doctor®’s interchangeable scroll cases for both models in the The Ditch Doctor® DD15  4 -12 ton and the Ditch Doctor® DD22 13 -25 ton. This allowed customers to swap scroll cases based on environment like soil, vegetation, wet and dry conditions. This also opened him up to new industries including mining, oil and gas, and extensive agriculture sernerios. Follow the link for more model details: 

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