TCS 64: Crownsmen Christmas Panel – Mining, Energy, & Construction Hosts & Content Creators

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December 8, 2020
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TCS 64: Crownsmen Christmas Panel – Mining, Energy, & Construction Hosts & Content Creators

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Featuring hosts from Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, Jerrod Downey sits down with four content creators. This industry special covers multiple sectors to discuss what they have learned, how their videos and shows educate audiences, and their outlook on the mining, energy, and construction industry. 

The Panel Guests & Their Shows

Frank Schlichting

Exploring Abandoned Mines follows Frank as he explores abandoned mines in Canada, the United States and Mexico to his over 137,000 subscribers and over 15,000,000 views on Youtube. He also has the Exploring Abandoned Mines Museum in Grand Forks and you can also purchase merchandise. 

Top Content by Exploring Abandoned Mines 

Peter Finn

Host of the Full Production podcast and provides a platform for listeners to get behind the conversations that people are having in the mining industry. Peter handpicks his guests to talk about the issues and solutions that are rolled out across the industry week after week. He also owns and operates FACE Contracting, a mining contracting outfit that specialises in delivering workforce management services, mechanical & rebuilding services, as well as safety & training consulting for a variety of project scopes and sizes in the mining and civil industries, including underground, surface, and civil projects.

Top Podcasts: Full Production 

Alexandria Shrake

Based out of Alberta, Canada Alexandria is part of Energy Minute, a Non-profit, that is focused on keeping you in the loop on all the happenings in Energy, Technology and Climate and producing animated educational videos.

 Top Content by  Energy Minute

Peter Haddock 

Based out of the UK and creator of Content With Media. A business focused on creating great content for the construction and mobile plant sectors and making sure it is shared in the media. Few shows do better “equipment talk”, but Peter takes it to another level by spending time onsite. His content opens people up to both the technology and the skill in the UK’s construction sector.

Top Content by Content With Media 

The Crownsmen Show

Each week we produce a heavy industry podcast and web series to unpack the industrial sectors of North America. We explore the latest in technology, opportunities, challenges, leadership, and government policies. Industry experts from mining, energy, construction, transportation, forestry, and agriculture join the show to share their insights and give you in-depth access to their industry.


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