TCS 63: Kal Tires Mining Tire Group: Tire Management & Supply for Reducing Cost & Sustainable Mining

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December 3, 2020
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TCS 63: Kal Tires Mining Tire Group: Tire Management & Supply for Reducing Cost & Sustainable Mining

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In open pit mining, tires are a top 5 operating costs, with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tires on even one machine, tire management isn’t just crucial to reducing costs but improves uptime and helps companies fulfil sustainability commitments. In underground mining one damaged sidewall on a single piece of equipment can bring the entire operation quickly to a stop. 

Dave Allan, VP,, Canada and Mike Weir, Operations Process Manager at Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group join The Crownsmen Show to discuss their international experience and a proprietary Tire Operation Management System (TOMS) that helps mine operators act on insight and real-time data. Mining companies around the world rely on Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group. TOMS is currently tracking 5800 trucks, managing 82,000 tire changes annually at 91 sites, and managing over $1.3 billion in inventory.

On an even larger scale they spoke with host Jerod Downey about the challenges mining are facing over sustainability and social license and how they are helping mines face those challenges. The Kal Tire Mining Group has introduced their Maple Program, offers extensive tire recycling solutions, and Ultra-Repair extending tire life

This in-depth interview goes beyond tires as it showcases Kal Tire’s extensive training programs, supporting companies corporate responsibility initiatives, and even helping mines comply with government legislation and mandates around the world. This episode shows how companies like Kal Tire can play a huge role in helping build a more efficient mining industry and a more sustainable future. 

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