TCS 62: K-Line Trailers – Designing & Manufacturing Dump Products, Lowbeds & Specialized Trailers ft. Rob Wiebe

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TCS 62: K-Line Trailers – Designing & Manufacturing Dump Products, Lowbeds & Specialized Trailers ft. Rob Wiebe

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If you have ever visited Vancouver, British Columbia or BC’s lower mainland, you have probably waited behind a beautiful Polished Aluminum Transfer Trailer built by K-Line Trailers. Or if you have visited a remote mining operation in Northern Canada you may just have seen their incredible Off Highway – Dual Power Road Train hauling thousands of tons of ore concentrate on frozen roads in the middle of winter. Two completely different units done by one incredible company that customizes each trailer they manufacture. All of this is accomplished out of their 120,000 sq. ft. fabrication and assembly facility.

K-Lines’ General Manager Rob Wiebe joins The Crownsmen Show  to discuss his own journey to becoming GM, how the company Founder and CEO Les Knight developed a culture of always finding a solution for customers, and to detail the entire process of custom trailer design and manufacturing. Although K-Line has manufactured almost every trailer you can imagine (and some you probably can’t) in this episode we focus primarily on 3 product lines:

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