TCS 46. Daequip – The Designing and Manufacturing of Equipment Attachments with Ed Lingel

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TCS 46. Daequip – The Designing and Manufacturing of Equipment Attachments with Ed Lingel

In 2015 on a Friday afternoon, Ed Lingel got off the phone with the founder of Daequip and told his wife they had just bought an attachment manufacturing company. With her support (and his gratitude for that is very clear in the interview) he took the company from where the former owner ran it as a one man show with a handful of employees to a full service heavy equipment attachment company with designated teams, updated equipment, and a new machine shop.

Most people will say business is all about relationships, but some people live it. During the interview it became clear Ed knows how to both work with people and how to get them onside. He sees that ability as something he naturally had going as far back as highschool hanging out with multiple groups from jocks to skaters but then it was further brought out and refined by extensive training and hands on experience working as a major account manager at Finning. From the the original owner, to his wife, to his first business partner at Daequip who passed away suddenly at only 57, to taking on a new partner, all while building up his company and establishing inroads with new customers, building relationships it isn’t just talk for Ed, it truly is “everything”.

In any business where you customize a product between a major manufacturer and end user the ability to deliver on-time and to specification is make or break. This is no less true in the world of manufacturing equipment attachments. Ed uses the example of a recent project for Teck’s Highland Valley Copper Mine where Finning was attempting to sell HVC a 990K CAT Wheel Loader that required a specialized bucket not manufactured by Caterpillar. Daequip was able to deliver the exact specification and within the required timeframe. Succeeding on projects like this has given Daequip both exposure and customer confidence to secure repeat customers and referral business, combining both the ability to build the relationships and then ground them in a high level of competency.

This episode happened to be about building attachments but it really became a story of what it takes to have success in business. How to work with people, the importance of training and skill, the risk it takes to succeed, and if it is all worth it. Ed’s honest account of his story in the business world is full of wisdom that only genuine passion and experience can bring. 

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