TCS Ep 43. MGH Railcar – Storage, Repair and the Railcar Industry with Robert Skarzynski

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April 9, 2020
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TCS Ep 43. MGH Railcar – Storage, Repair and the Railcar Industry with Robert Skarzynski

In this episode we discuss the changes in the railcar industry including the shift in who actually owns the rail cars and how storage facilities are ever increasing in demand, along with some very good tips for being a new company in a massive industry. Joining The Crownsmen Show is Vice President, Business Development Managers, and Partner of  MGH Railcar, Robert Skarzynski. 

MGH Railecar’s services include railcar storage, railcar service and repair, dismantling railcars, change identification decals. Robert highlights multiple projects including former show guest Ashcroft Terminal, he discusses career before MGH dealing with derailments, and he shares lessons he has learned along with his business partner Mark Herbert about managing cash as a small company selling to major players in the rail industry.

Mobile Railcar Services: https://mghrailcar.com/mobile-railcar-cleaning

Remarking And Inspections: https://mghrailcar.com/stenciling-and-inspections

Railcar Dismantling: https://mghrailcar.com/railcar-dismantling

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