Ep 33. Cementation – Underground Mining, Mine Contracting, & Engineering

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August 6, 2019
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Ep 33. Cementation – Underground Mining, Mine Contracting, & Engineering

Cementation is an underground mine contracting and engineering company that has worked on major mining projects around the world. Roy Slack, Founder, former President, and now Directors of Cementation Americas joins The Crownsmen Podcast to talk major project, safety, and how the mining industry has changed. Roy also serves as the current president of The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) and laid out their future approach for supporting bother their members and the mining industry. 

To help us understand the scope and capabilities of Cementation Roy highlighted 3 major projects completed over the last 20 years. 

Shaft Sinking: Nickel Rim South Sudbury 

  • The Nickel Rim South (NRS) Mine is located near Sudbury, Ontario. Structured as an alliance style contract, Cementation provided engineering, design and construction services for the sinking of two concrete lined shafts, lateral development, and underground construction. Cementation engineering involvement in the NRS project began with active participation in the early scoping studies followed by the subsequent pre-feasibility and feasibility engineering.

Raise Boring: Goldcorp Red Lake

  • The Red Lake Gold Mines, located in Northwestern Ontario, is owned and operated by Goldcorp Inc. In 2003, Cementation secured the contract to design and sink the No. 3 Shaft, and design the associated surface plant infrastructure. Merging engineering and construction capabilities, the work was carried out as a design-build project. The No. 3 Shaft, a key element in the mine’s expansion, was sunk 2179 m from surface with a diameter of 6.55 m. Upon completion of the shaft, Cementation was retained to operate the shaft facilities.

Contract Mining: Eagle Mine Michigan  

  • The Eagle Mine located 53 km northwest of Marquette, Michigan, is owned by the Lundin Mining Corporation. The mine is a new state-of-the-art facility. Cementation’s scope of work includes development and production and all underground operations of the mine. The development portion is conventional drill-and-blast utilizing computerized jumbos for improved hole alignment. 

Each of these projects represents not only Cementation’s capabilities but are a testament to their goal from the very beginning, to do things differently. Roy explains that from the moment the Cementation started profits were not the primary focus. He wanted to remove the typical adversarial relationship between mine operators and mine contractors, he wanted safety to be at the forefront, and he wanted design-build to integrate input from all stakeholders. This in-depth interview unpacks one of the most challenging parts of the mining industry… building the mine!

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