Ep 31. Designing and Engineering Custom Fabric Buildings with Legacy Building Solutions

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June 7, 2019
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October 17, 2019

Ep 31. Designing and Engineering Custom Fabric Buildings with Legacy Building Solutions

Millions of square feet around the world is covered by fabric buildings. What we wanted to know is how much has the technology has evolved? Fabric buildings were at one time typically used for equipment or product storage but are now being constructed for sport facilities and even housing. The reason is in no small part thanks to innovations within the industry that have made fabric more durable and airtight, designs being more customized and the steel frames stronger while minimizing steel waste. 

Randy Ludwar with Legacy Building Solutions sat down with The Crownsmen Podcast  to discuss their approach to designing and engineering custom fabric building for commercial sectors around the world. He showcases some incredible project LBS has been a part of and explains how their Exxotec™ PVC fabric is durable far beyond standard building fabric. He walks us through how the patented attachment system and end-to-end construction management results in buildings that withstand the hottest environments and the heaviest snow loads in the world. The advancements don’t come without challenges and Randy’s years of experience within the construction industry help us unpack how each of these challenges are met including air flow, design specifications, and working within stricter budget guidelines.

This episodes will give you a unique insight into the buildings you probably have passed thousands of times without a thought. Our guess is next time you see your neighbours fabric garage or a production plant’s giant fabric covered storage facility you will be taking a second look. Fabric building are no short term solution they are a long term investments and engineering masterpieces.

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