Ep 27. Wainbee: Motion & Control, Industrial Filtration and Automation

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May 18, 2019
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Ep 27. Wainbee: Motion & Control, Industrial Filtration and Automation

From Formula One Championships to Site C Dam to LNG Canada and all the way over to aerospace, not many companies cover as much ground as Wainbee. We sat down with their Regional Sales Manager John Lamb to understand their company, their customers, and their offerings.

Wainbee Limited provides engineered systems, products, and services for motion & control, industrial filtration and automation solutions. They partner with manufacturers and sell directly to customers and also provide engineered solutions. The supply side is for customers who know what they need to have an internal team installation. Their specialized offerings are for clients who either have pre-engineered systems and need Wainbee to build a system based on a target result. This customer requires Wainbee  to build a custom solution.

Like in any business, cost is a major factor for customers in any industry, and as John explains a big responsibility of his team is to provide a customer with a full understanding of cost vs. quality…..especially when they are working within the scope of a major project where product failure can have an immense impact. In the discussion John points out that once trust in the product and the service is established it is the foundation of a long term relationship. He also sees that because Wainbee is employee owned that it gives employees a sense of responsibility and encourages them to deliver at the highest standard. He believes this also contributes to retaining employees and attracting young talent who want to excel and take ownership.

Like many companies in the industrial space, automation is a major part of Wainbee’s business, unlike many smaller companies who specialize in one sector, and they carry a full line of integrated hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, control, machining, and filtration technologies and more. Where this is an advantage is instead a client needing four or five companies to supply each stage of any given process, they provide both the hardware and technology.

We could have done an entire show on all the industries they serve. In the interview John gave examples of the solutions they provide in mining for control and automation within processing plants and hydraulics and controls for operating underground equipment. He laid out examples of filter processes and pumping solutions in the oil and gas sector and what they offer the agriculture industry as it continues to strive for more efficiency with lighter and more reliable equipment. He also highlighted Wainbee’s work in aerospace where they deliver solutions for assembly and parts delivery during the manufacturing process.

Wainbee is the company you might not know to thank when getting on an airplane, or think of when you see a pipeline or giant ore processing mill. Likely drivers of the formula one cars won’t give them a shout out for providing a nitrogen delivery system. However it is the companies like them who innovate and challenge all of us to push industry forward, because it is one thing to want a results it is another to find the solution and that has been what Wainbees has delivered since 1957.

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