EP. 1 The Construction Industry in BC

EP. 7 New vs. Used Mining Equipment
May 18, 2018

EP. 1 The Construction Industry in BC

Ep 1: The Construction Industry in British Columbia – Heroes of Industry

The Crownsmen Crew focuses in on challenges and opportunities in the construction sector. We tackle everything including shifts in the types of infrastructure, employment, and taxes! It’s all about going deeper into our new BC Construction Industry Report and what to expect for the future.

Growth of Construction Industry in BC

We look at growth in infrastructure but a decline in residential and what that means for small business. New government initiatives promise more opportunity for small business to bid on large scale projects but if they bid will they effectively be able to compete against large companies? The risk is that as more companies rely on mostly government funded or backed projects that if the new developments slow along with residential projects the industry could collapse.

Employment in the Construction Sector

There is already a skilled labor shortage in BC and the strong possibility of a slowdown in residential development is making BC less attractive for the workers we need. At the end of the day people are what drives an industry and high paying jobs grow the economy. We don’t mince words and examine what can be done to make BC the go to place for a career in construction.

Taxes on Housing and Businesses in BC

Taxes are meant help the government serve us better not to control the economy. First the foreign buyers tax is on the table and what the reality of taxing foreign investors does to the BC economy. We tackle the new speculation tax that will make owning a second home next to impossible for people with MORE added cost.

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