Ep. 8 Understanding Sensor Based Ore Processing

Ep. 6 Autonomous, VR. & Remote Mining Technology
May 30, 2018
Ep. 9 Supplying Mines in Canada
October 1, 2018

Ep. 8 Understanding Sensor Based Ore Processing

Using sorting technologies which ensure higher accuracy in mining operations results in higher productivity. Jerrod Downey and Gaudy Molina talk to industry experts at CIM Vancouver to understand how sensor based ore sorting technologies are helping mine operators to reduce wastage and ensure high accuracy in their operations. “The accuracy depends on the particle size, the algorithm and the sensor equipment being used. 85% – 95% accuracy is pretty common in the industry” says Brent Hilscher Principle Process Engineer at Sacre Davey Engineering.

Additionally, augmenting technologies have been developed which remove any remaining wastage. Tom Palangio, President at WipWare talks about his imaging technology which takes images of the ore sample being sorted (whether on the conveyor belt or on haulage trucks), collects engineering data to ensure utmost accuracy and also shares images and results over smart devices. These technologies are also scalable for other industries like agriculture, explosives etc.

Integration of technology, industry and devices (smartphones, tablets, drones etc.) has already started and according to experts will be the driving force for the market of sensor based sorting technologies in Canada.

Read full industry report – Sensor Based Sorting Technologies Drive Efficiency

Watch interview with Brent Hilscher –  Principal Engineer at Sacré-Davey Engineering

Watch interview with Tom Palangio – President at WipWare Inc.

Listen to the podcast – Ep. 8 Understanding Sensor Based Ore Processing

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