Ep 22. Environmental Impact of Industrial Sectors with Peter Krahn

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April 12, 2019
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May 3, 2019

Ep 22. Environmental Impact of Industrial Sectors with Peter Krahn

Ep 22. Environmental Impact of Industrial Sectors with Peter Krahn

Where do we go from here? This question is being asked across almost every spectrum of society. It is not easy to answer but a good place to start is by hearing what true experts in their perspective fields have to say. A major topic within industrial sectors like mining, energy, and forestry is these industries’ responsibility to the environment. For those who work in heavy industry the question is also how can we responsibly manage the environment while keeping major industrial sectors competitive on a global scale? Peter Krahn who is currently running a Nomination Candidate – North Vancouver for the Conservative Party of Canada has served as a Sr. Enforcement Engineer and National Operational Adviser for Environment Canada for over 35 years and to say he is an expert on industrial environment responsibly and enforcement would be an understatement considering he literally helped write the book on environmental forensics to support Canadian and global enforcement of environmental laws.

Peter talks about early memories of being a kid fishing and pulling garbage out of the river, in one case finding a twenty dollar bill. Coming from an immigrant family without much extra cash that was not a small amount of money for a young boy to find. In some ways it seems to still represent his view of what it means to be a conservative. To conserve, not just for the bottom line but for our environment. Over 35 years Peter has worked with saw mills to reduce their environmental impact, he has made recommendations to the fracking industry to ease environmental damages, he has been part of the team responsible for dealing with oil and chemical spills into waterways, and he has dealt with mines to raise their environmental standards… all while wanting industry to move forward. Internationally he was a project leader to develop an international environmental forensic investigation manual specifically targeted for developing economies on behalf of INTERPOL. Peter has also worked as an independent environmental consultant through Genesis Environmental Sciences. This all comes with a BSc in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Lakehead University and Undergraduate from University of British Columbia in Biology and Chemistry. This impressive resume makes Peter the perfect expert to really dig in and help us understand how industry and environmental concerns can collaborate and even thrive.

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