Ep 13. Engineering Industrial Pumping Systems

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February 1, 2019
Ep 14. How Cooperative Businesses Operate
February 15, 2019

Ep 13. Engineering Industrial Pumping Systems


Complex systems are designed to manage fluid handling operations during the oil and gas extraction process including Oilfield Water Management and Drilling Waste Management. Power Zone Equipment President and Founder Don Toews has a long history of supplying equipment to the energy sector and shared how he built up a company that provides industrial pump engineering for fluid handling solutions for oil and gas, mining, and even agriculture.


Don offers a unique perspective with his 40 year business journey starting in Saskatchewan providing custom equipment and supplies to the oilfields of Western Canada. This would later lead him into seeing opportunities in the used/surplus equipment business, and eventually in 2001 establishing Power Zone based in Colorado which has gone on to serve oilfields and mine operations around the world.  


In many cases manufacturers supply custom engineered pumps while used dealers provide rebuilt or reconditioned units at a lower cost than new and often with less lead times. Power Zone lands somewhere in the middle because they primarily sell used or surplus industrial equipment but have engineers that specialize in designing and building customized pumping systems as well as provide a testing facility that ensures exact specifications are met.


When most people think of oilfields they think of crude oil, natural gas, petroleum etc, being pumped out of the ground and transported through a piping systems. However water management including dewatering, water filtration, containment, and water transfer as well as drilling mud management are as much a part of the process as the target product itself.  Every industrial pump from centrifugal pumps  to reciprocating pumps are integrated into often complex fluid handling systems to meet capacity demands, government regulations, and natural obstacles (mountains, waterways, etc).


Like many of our shows, the information may spark questions you never even had about fluid handling systems but next time you see an oil field or mine, your first thought might not be “what are they taking out of the ground” it might be “what are they doing to manage all that water mixed into the process”. Our goal is when business leaders like Mr. Don Toews are willing to share their expertise publicly you just might be able to have the answer.




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