TCONS 01. Discovering Construction Solutions for Seals with DMH

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TCONS 01. Discovering Construction Solutions for Seals with DMH

Learn more about their expertise in providing custom solutions for clients across industries.

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Join us on The Construction Show as we dive into the world of custom machined seals with DMH Dichtungs- und Maschinenhandels GmbH. Our guest, Franz Jonke, International Sales at DMH, shares with us the company’s history, key figures, products, and services.

Founded in 1997 and still family-owned today, DMH is a technology supplier for seal manufacturers, offering a wide range of first-class machines for plastics processing, as well as plastic blanks and billets for the production of seals of all kinds. DMH provides custom solutions for their customers, supplying them with seals made of various materials, including polyurethane, rubber, engineering plastics, and PTFE materials.

Their clients include seal shops, distributors, and manufacturers supporting industrial clients in construction, mining, oil & gas, mechanical engineering, in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, power plants, food & beverage, among others. Quality is their top priority, and they strive to provide fast and simple seal solutions, without molding costs and with low inventory.

DMH is a market leader due to their excellent machining technology, top machines, and software tools that produce seals on demand, their variety of materials and certificates for certain industries, and their strength in customer service.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about machined seals and DMH’s expertise in providing custom solutions for their clients. Tune in to The Construction Show now!

Connect with DMH Dichtungs- und Maschinenhandel GmbH:
Guest Speaker: Franz Jonke – International sales
Website | Company LinkedIn | YouTube

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