MN 77: Di-Corp – Best-In-Class Drilling Supplies & Equipment

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September 1, 2022
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MN 77: Di-Corp – Best-In-Class Drilling Supplies & Equipment

Di-Corp knows drilling! They have the drilling supplies, tooling, fluids, and expertise to support customers' success for over 60 years.

Di-Corp knows drilling! They have the drilling supplies, tooling, fluids, and expertise to support customers’ success for over 60 years.

A Leading Drilling Supply Company With Reach Across the Globe
In business since 1960, Di-Corp is a leading private manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, equipment, parts, and accessories serving the mining and energy industries. Di-Corp proudly markets a full line of Drillers Edge Coring Rods, Core Retrieval Systems, Diamond Tooling. They also manufacture and sell high-quality Earth Pro drilling fluids and additives for the mineral exploration and energy industries.

Possibly The World’s Most Reliable Drilling Rods
Drillers Edge Drill Rods are beginning to develop a global reputation for superior reliability and long-lasting performance. Individual Drillers Edge rod strings have achieved more than 35,000 meters (nearly 115,000 feet) of trouble-free service for Di-Corp customers.

Exclusive Drilling Fluids & Additives
In addition to providing a large portfolio of bulk drilling fluids and additives from a vast list of quality-assured global suppliers, Di-Corp has also developed and manufactures its own in-house brand of high-quality Earth Pro drilling fluids, designed to meet or exceed the needs of drillers and mudmen.

Global Supply Chain & Logistics
Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Di-Corp has manufacturing, distribution, and service locations in four Canadian provinces, the United States, Mexico, and Ghana, West Africa. Di-Corp also has an established international supply chain, plus a total of nine international distributors serving South America, Europe and Central Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

Connect with Di-Corp
Guest Speaker: Ryan Boesche – Regional Sales Manager
Website | Company LinkedIn | YouTube

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