TCONS 04. ConstructEdge and Orbit Farm Technologies – Unleashing Construction Technology

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May 18, 2023
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TCONS 04. ConstructEdge and Orbit Farm Technologies – Unleashing Construction Technology

Get ready for two remarkable guests from the construction industry, sharing their expertise with us.

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Welcome to “The Construction Show” hosted by Jerrod Downey! Join us for an exciting episode filmed live at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this episode, we have two special guests from the construction industry sharing their expertise.

Our first guest is David Smigel, the Vice President of ConstructEdge. ConstructEdge is an end-to-end managed services company focusing on operational technology for the construction industry. Discover how ConstructEdge helps construction companies overcome technological challenges and streamline their processes.

Our second guest is Jay Hess, the Director of Product at Orbit Farm Technologies. Jay will be joining us towards the end of the show to discuss Orbit’s role in the agriculture side of ConstructEdge’s business. Learn about the innovative solutions provided by Orbit Farm Technologies and their impact on the construction industry.

During the show, Jerrod dives deep into the challenges faced by construction companies when it comes to technology adoption. From misconceptions about services to confusion regarding infrastructure needs, our guests shed light on the pain points experienced by construction professionals. They also discuss the importance of staying connected in the field and leveraging technology for improved productivity, safety, and efficiency.

Join us as we explore ConstructEdge’s comprehensive product suite tailored to the timeline of a construction project. From mobilizing trailers and sourcing internet solutions to managing technical equipment and setting up trailer networks, ConstructEdge covers every aspect of field connectivity. Discover how their expertise and infrastructure support construction companies in meeting project deadlines and ensuring smooth operations.

Furthermore, our guests discuss real-life examples, including the Global GC Bridge project, where ConstructEdge’s solutions played a pivotal role. They explain how the company’s infrastructure enabled the project’s success by providing necessary bandwidth, supporting sensors on bridges, and ensuring seamless communication between workers on barges and tugboats.

Don’t miss this insightful episode of “The Construction Show,” where industry experts share their knowledge and experiences. Stay tuned for valuable insights, engaging discussions, and actionable strategies to thrive in the construction industry’s ever-evolving technological landscape.

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Guest Speaker: David Smigel – Vice President
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