Ep 2. Thomas Haun – Turner Mining Group

Ep 1. Change Itself with Gus Minor & Eric Demers
July 9, 2021
Ep 3. It’s Not Easy To Tackle Transformation ft. Charles Nyabeze
August 12, 2021

Ep 2. Thomas Haun – Turner Mining Group

Change is all around us every day, so how do you manage the changes that happen in mining year round? 

Welcome to another episode of Change Itself. Gus Minor and Eric Demers sit down with Thomas Haun to discuss the importance of change and how Turner Mining Group tackles change.

The show is brought to you by Sofvie and Technica Mining and produced by Crownsmen Partners. Now here are your hosts Gus & Eric.

This podcast aims to have open discussions on change and everything it includes. The success stories, the lessons learned, the requirements, the emotions, the leaders, the innovators, the adopters and the list goes on. We will listen, learn, discuss, debate, adapt and keep the change conversation moving forward with enriched conversations. The goal is to empower the audience to embrace change as well as remind everyone they are not alone. We will not always win however, we will not always lose. There are ways to avoid some of the pitfalls and we will uncover them. The key with all of it is collaboration.

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Technica Mining is a premiere underground mining and construction contractor. Their excellent safety record, experienced workforce and large equipment fleet will guarantee the timely completion of all project needs. Trusted by the world’s leading mining companies, Technica Mining has 20 years of experience in mine construction, development and production.

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