TCS 95. Centrisys CNP – Sustainable Solutions in Centrifuge Technology

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TCS 95. Centrisys CNP – Sustainable Solutions in Centrifuge Technology

Gain insights into the future of centrifuge technology amidst evolving regulations and environmental challenges.

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Welcome to The Crownsmen Show, where industry leaders and experts share insights into their businesses and discuss key topics. In this episode, host Jerrod Downey welcomes three distinguished guests from Centrisys/CNP. Michael Kopper, the President and CEO of Centrisys, Gerhard Forstner, the President of CNP, and Josh Gable, Sales Director, provide a comprehensive overview of their companies’ innovative solutions in the field.

Centrisys, a USA-based manufacturer, specializes in dewatering centrifuges, sludge thickeners, and dryers. With a global reach, they also offer centrifuge service, repair, and parts for various decanter centrifuge brands. CNP, a subsidiary of Centrisys, focuses on nutrient recovery and advanced biosolids treatment systems, contributing to phosphorus recovery and thermal hydrolysis processes. The synergy between Centrisys and CNP creates a holistic approach to environmental challenges.

The guests delve into the company’s history, market overview, and the importance of their unique approach. They discuss the interplay between Centrisys’ equipment and CNP’s processes, emphasizing the value of customization and specialization. The episode explores their commitment to sustainability, evidenced by case studies like Kenosha and Somerset, showcasing their ability to extract value and minimize waste. The discussion also touches on the industry outlook, emphasizing the increasing importance of sustainability amidst evolving regulations and challenges like decreasing landfill space and rising transportation costs.

For a deep dive into Centrisys/CNP’s innovative solutions and their impact on environmental sustainability, tune in to this insightful episode. Don’t miss the chance to gain valuable insights from industry leaders who are shaping the future of centrifuge technology and biosolids treatment.

Connect with Centrisys CNP:
Guest Speaker: Michael Kopper – President CEO (Centrisys/CNP)
Guest Speaker: Gerhard Forstner – President (CNP)
Guest Speaker: Josh Gable – Sales Director (Centrisys/CNP)
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