MN 141. Centric Mining Systems’ Role in Driving Growth in Mining

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August 17, 2023
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MN 141. Centric Mining Systems’ Role in Driving Growth in Mining

Centric Mining Systems discusses the innovative solutions provided by Centric Mining Systems to empower decision-makers in the mining industry.

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In the Mining Now episode hosted by Jerrod Downey, our guest Chris Novak, President & Founder of Centric Mining Systems, discusses the innovative solutions provided by Centric Mining Systems to empower decision-makers in the mining industry. Novak explains that their core focus is on solving operational challenges and optimizing business processes using technology. The conversation is structured around four key pillars: Centric Enterprise, Centric Ops, Or Accounting, and Centric Analytics.

The conversation starts with the introduction of Centric Mining Systems and its mission to provide operational breakthroughs through verifiable information. Novak describes their journey from a consultancy named NCS Technology to becoming Centric Mining Systems, emphasizing their focus on integrating and utilizing data to improve decision-making. Novak explains that their solutions are designed to bring together various sources of information, allowing for better collaboration across different levels of the mining business.

The first pillar, Centric Enterprise, aims to centralize and streamline information from different systems, creating a unified ecosystem for decision-makers to access quality information across the organization. The second pillar, Centric Ops, focuses on improving production and productivity by offering tools for supervisors, engineers, and geologists. These tools allow for rapid decision-making based on real-time data from various sources, including sensors and manual inputs.

The third pillar, Or Accounting, facilitates accurate tracking and management of mined materials throughout the value chain. This pillar helps decision-makers understand where commodities are, how they are being processed, and how much has been moved through the production process. It aids in making short-term decisions related to material movement and ensures accurate reporting for accountability.

The conversation ends by mentioning the fourth pillar, Centric Analytics, which is presumably a continuation of the discussion beyond the scope of the provided transcript. Overall, the conversation highlights Centric Mining Systems’ innovative approach to solving mining industry challenges through data integration, real-time decision support, and accurate tracking of materials.

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