CE 3: Tundra Process Solutions – Oil & Gas & Industrial Process Equipment with Iggy Domagalski

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June 4, 2020
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CE 3: Tundra Process Solutions – Oil & Gas & Industrial Process Equipment with Iggy Domagalski

The energy industry carries with it a new set of opportunities and challenges every day.  When Iggy Domagalski the CEO of Tundra Process Solutions sat down to speak with host Jerrod Downey for Crownsmen Energy he laid out a thoughtful and clear approach to navigating companies through both good and bad days. He discussed his journey from Winnipeg with a finance background to running an industrial process supply company and the influence reading “How To Buy a Good Business at a Great Price” by Richard Parker had on his business career. Iggy also lays out the growth strategy of Tundra including acquisitions, taking on more product lines, and expanding geographic territories. Later in the interview he discusses why it was so important to expand Tundra’s philanthropic reach including being an “Imagine Canada” accredited company and developing their own business and product incubator program “Acceleration Centre for Entrepreneurs (A.C.E.)”. 

Tundra Product Solutions represents industry-leading manufacturers in artificial lift, motors & drives, boilers & water treatment, panels & buildings, valve & actuation, measurement & analytical, and service & support. Tundra also offers a full range of prefabricated panels, buildings, equipment, and truck unloading systems. That is what they do, this interview became much more about who they are and how both compliment each other through Iggy’s leadership.

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