BE 27. Vorsana – Radial Counterflow Separation Technology to Reduce Environmental Pollution

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May 15, 2021
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June 30, 2021

BE 27. Vorsana – Radial Counterflow Separation Technology to Reduce Environmental Pollution

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Vorsana offers radial counterflow technology as a flexible and scalable solution for separating a variety of pollutants and materials. It harnesses the power of vortex separation between co-axial counter-rotating disks creating special vortex patterns. The resulting centrifugal forces cause heavier fractions to separate from lighter fractions, resulting in a powerful mechanical separation mechanism for solid, liquid, and gas material. Radial counterflow can be applied to a variety of applications to reduce GHG emissions, restore compromised environments, and create sustainable products for the future. 

CEO Myles McGovern  and VP Andrew McGovern join Crownsmen Energy to discuss the technology, the future of the energy sectors, and the growth opportunities for their companies. Myles discusses the acquisition of Nanos Tech, a nanoparticle catalyst company, whose nano catalysts are the most energy efficient and environmentally sound way to create a change, a chemical process that enhances oils and upgrades solution that eliminates the need for diluent, which drives up the cost of heavy oil extraction. Andrew discusses the energy sector’s current landscape as well as Vosrana’s technologies applications in Biofuels and mini refinery, carbon capture and conversion, water purification (desalination)

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