BE 25. A Cleaner Future with Acceleware ft. Mike Touringy and Jim Boucher

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April 21, 2021
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BE 25. A Cleaner Future with Acceleware ft. Mike Touringy and Jim Boucher

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Acceleware is back again with an exciting update on their Marwayne project!   

Mike Touringy, Chief Operating Officer, and Jim Boucher, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board – Acceleware | Kisâstwêw joins Rory Bamford and Gaudy Molina on this episode of Crownsmen Energy. 

We cover real-world examples of what benefits RF XL can deliver starting with a 100K bbl/day example. Electrification allows for CO2 reduction using clean/renewable power. RF XL has the opportunity to create a domino effect with a non-aqueous, non-solvent heavy oil production capability with no requirement for carbon capture or underground storage. This also results in a land-use reduction and capital cost reduction when compared to SAGD. 

Jim Boucher spoke of the importance of the clean energy future and why Saa Dene group looked to form the Acceleware | Kisâstwêw partnership. Jim received The Alberta Order of Excellence in 2020 for his visionary leadership during his time as Chief of Fort McKay First Nation. He humbly spoke of the honour but remains focused on building companies that drive responsible growth for all Canadians. 

Mike also explained the future potential for supporting Bitumen Beyond Combustion products with clean extraction via RF XL. Whether this is carbon fibre, strategic metals and miners, eg. Vanadium, Lithium, or asphalt binder there is a potential opportunity to reduce downstream emissions while increasing the value of a barrel of bitumen by 3-5X. 

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