CE 22: Solar Energy Systems FAQs ft SolarSet – Choosing the Right Options & Location

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February 18, 2021
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CE 22: Solar Energy Systems FAQs ft SolarSet – Choosing the Right Options & Location

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Carson Toews has been interested in solar power for years and in 2020 the team at SolarSet design and released the SolarSet Rigid designed a Pre-Packaged Solar System that can be easily transported and installed anywhere in the world. Carson joined Crownsmen Energy to answer some of the most common questions people have when choosing the right systems and discuss their new product line the SolarSet FOLD. 


  • What currently is on the market for solar panel systems?
  • What’s better, ground mount or roof mount?
  • Should you buy a solar power system that tracks the sun? 
  • What is the difference between Grid-Tied Solar Systems vs Off-Grid Solar Systems?
  • Why do off-grid solar systems need to be so much larger than grid-tie solar systems?
  • Can I add a backup generator to the solar system? 
  • Does the solar system provide power when the utility power goes out?
  • Can Solar Panels Withstand Hail?
  • What maintenance is required on solar systems? 
  • Are Lithium Ion batteries worth the extra cost over Lead Acid batteries?
  • Where are optimal locations to have a solar system including climate and amount of sun?

Learn more about the SolarSet Rigid: https://solarset.com/products/ 

Learn More About the Solar Set FOLD: PLEASE AT LINK

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