CA 6: Verge Ag – Farming Software to Plan, Simulate, & Validate Equipment Movement

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February 8, 2022
CA 7: Monarch Tractor – Manufacturing the EV Future of Agriculture
September 14, 2022

CA 6: Verge Ag – Farming Software to Plan, Simulate, & Validate Equipment Movement

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Verge Ag has assembled a unique team of farmers, entrepreneurs, investors, software developers, and rocket scientists collaborating to design a new customer category – enabling farmers to plan their field operations using an intuitive and interactive web application. With their user friendly design there is no software user manual required. At the end of the day, it is a productivity software like any planning app many of us use in our daily lives. Verge Ag designed and built this geospatial software to take users through a unique experience so that planning feels less like work and more like play. A lot of it is based on Game Design which the CEO of Superhuman illustrated how we can bring that to business software.  


Their product, Launch Pad, is the world’s first interactive software tool that helps farmers plan their operations specific to seeding, spraying and harvest. It differs from other agtech solutions in the market as it is the only product focused on the cohesive movement of equipment in the field. It creates a set of path plans, custom to each farm, that removes unnecessary travel, easily integrates into modern day GPS systems and requires no extra hardware. Our model has been developed to support farms of all sizes using any brand(s) of equipment.



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