CA 3: Biochar To Cut GHG Emissions & Sequesters Carbon ft. Thor Kallestad

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July 30, 2021
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December 2, 2021

CA 3: Biochar To Cut GHG Emissions & Sequesters Carbon ft. Thor Kallestad

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Myno is focused on three pillars in their mission; sequestering as much carbon as they can, as fast as they can, at a capital-efficient scale. Myno works closely with customers to make biochar from their waste streams. This biochar is then used to increase agricultural yields, to improve forest productivity, or to store carbon in materials such as concrete or asphalt. Through the production and increased use of biochar, Myno’s goal is to accelerate the rate at which humanity removes carbon from the atmosphere, improves the health of soil and water resources, and in the process, creates good jobs of the future. 


Myno CEO Thor Kallestad discusses biochar including definition, how it works, and uses. He walks us through Mynos optimal partners including sawmills with forest products with residuals such as sawdust and hog fuel are excellent feedstock for producing high-quality, clean biochar. The interview also includes how the company found its mission with the contribution of Board Chair and Co-Founder Tom Casten. 


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