TCS 94. Beyond Hard Hats: How STUDSON is Transforming Safety Gear

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TCS 94. Beyond Hard Hats: How STUDSON is Transforming Safety Gear

Empowering Safety: Discover how STUDSON goes beyond hard hats to revolutionize safety gear.

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Join Jerrod Downey in this episode as he sits down with Ryan Barnes, the Founder and CEO of STUDSON. The discussion kicks off with Ryan’s background, delving into his days as a competitive ski racer and exploring the connection between his passion for safety and the inception of STUDSON. Ryan shares the journey from the initial idea to the innovative company it is today, shedding light on the evolution of STUDSON’s safety helmets and the process from prototype to market.

Hard Hats vs Safety Helmets: A Critical Conversation
The conversation shifts to the critical topic of hard hats vs safety helmets. Ryan emphasizes the consistent dialogue he has maintained over the past 4-5 years, participating in panels to educate the public on ANSI Standard Type 1 to Type 2 transitions. The focus narrows on the necessity of safety helmets, especially the recent launch of STUDSON’s Full Brim Safety Helmets.

Technology & Design for Safety: Innovations That Matter
Ryan unveils the technology behind STUDSON’s safety helmets, featuring tubular foam inspired by a plane crash in the 80s and Koroyd® welded tubes. These innovations are designed to crumple instantly on impact, offering maximum protection for the skull and brain. The integration of an NFC-based chip storing emergency contacts and medical information adds an extra layer of safety.

Industry Outlook & Partnerships: Shaping the Future of Safety
In the final segment, Ryan discusses STUDSON’s strategic partnerships with General Contractors, a focus on end-user comfort and fit, and collaboration with safety directors. Looking ahead, he predicts industry changes over the next five years, including the ANSI Standard shift in 2024, the mandate for chin straps, and the trickle-down effect to various trades and industries. Ultimately, the aim is to establish stronger safety standards and helmets, ensuring workers can confidently perform their tasks.

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