Advertising & Marketing Mining Products

    Advertising & Marketing Mining Products

    Advertising & Marketing Mining Products

    The mining industry is made up of jr. mining and exploration companies, mine operators, and contractors that include everything from drilling companies to trades.  Beyond that you have your manufacturers, engineering and accounting firms, and suppliers. Mining is both a small and large industry. Large in that it is global, employs thousands of people, has unique operations at each location, is key to many economies and many mines are owned by some of the largest companies in the world. Small in that many large companies have consolidated the major products provided to operating mines, a disproportionately large percent of people in the industry have been involved for years and have well established networks, and lastly it is a notoriously conservative industry where change comes slowly. For a company trying to promote their products into the industry, both the large and small nature of mining has its challenges so here are five standard practices you should deploy to either increase sales or get your product to market. 

    1. Provide Key Points and Value

    Few things for mining are inexpensive. It will take purchasing managers and possibly engineers, or even executives to make the final decision if a mining company or contractor will purchase your product. Likely your product has customers making a choice between price and value. Or perhaps your product is the balance of both. Either way the value needs to be clearly stated within 5 seconds of anyone looking at your product. The sooner they understand what advantage you offer the sooner they will engage in a serious purchasing discussion. It also can quickly eliminate unserious leads because although it’s great if everyone knows you, you don’t want to spend hours or even days with a potential client that is more curious than committed.

    2. Give Detailed Information About Your Product 

    In many cases both mining operators or contractors will have someone who needs to understand your product almost as good as you do before they can commit. Providing details at every level of your product can streamline the sales process in a way that makes them confident you understand the product and the details that matter to their company…by extension it is easier for them to be confident that you are ready to serve their needs.

    Mining by nature is full of variables so documenting these variables as you go can be a powerful way to produce in depth information without spending too much time trying to think of all possible scenarios. Every time you solve another problem for a customer document it in writing or video and (if it’s no risk to your customers private business operations) release the content on your website to further engage your potential customers. This kind of documentation also helps ensure newcomers to your company understands your products and solutions faster, more efficiently, and are able to use real examples.

    3. Unify Your Message Across All Platforms 

    Branding is still as important as it ever was before. Now with so many options to promote your products it can be easy to lose your product’s brand in a mix of social media, sales materials, website design, trade show booths, and so on. The more you unify the message, are consistent with your visual illustrations, and clear with intentions you will build a solid group of people who both know and understand your product. 

    The mining world is small enough that if you have 5-10 entry points with consistent branding you can filter in the customers you need and the people that aren’t customers will have a clear enough understanding of your value that they become potential referral partners.

    Unifying your branding can be time consuming and even costly but is so essential and powerful that it’s something you can’t afford to bypass if you want to penetrate the mining market.

    4. Partner with Other Brands and Products 

    Making friends is always a good thing and the mining industry is no exception. You will be surprised at how quickly attaching your name to another brand can open up new opportunities. It can be as simple as co-authoring a paper or blog with your supplier, doing a project with a university, or releasing an on-site video with your customer. Finding ways to show people that they are able to trust your products is more convincing than anything you will tell your buyer.

    5. Put a Face to The Product 

    Being willing to put your face beside the product in a video goes a long way to letting customers know you stand by your product. Of course not everyone is comfortable in front of cameras so doing an interview style video can be a good format to allow you to explain your product’s value to the mining industry in a relaxed and confident way. In general don’t try to put on a performance, the mining industry is known for being conservative and wants to hear facts while they get to know your company. In essence just be you and focus on the value you offer. 

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    Written by: Jerrod Downey

    Jerrod Downey is host of The Crownsmen Podcast and is President of Crownsmen Partners. He is also, a strategy consultant for product and service providers in industrial sectors including, mining, energy, transportation, construction, forestry, and agriculture.

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