Jerrod Downey



As the CEO of Crownsmen Partners Jerrod brings over ten years of experience in business development and strategy. Inspired by his father's work ethic at 12 years old he started working every chance he got, getting jobs doing upkeep at a resort, custom furniture making, and some manufacturing.

At 17 years old he became partner in a home exterior company based in Kamloops, BC. Helping expand the business from residential installation to manufacturing and in 4 years it became one of the largest home exterior outfits in the Thompson Nicola Valley. During this time Jerrod also co-founded the International Society for Social Advancement, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing both volunteer and financial support to other charitable organizations.

Since 2008 they have worked with or supported organizations such as Samaritan's Purse, Gama Girls, and Vancouver Helping Hands. In 2013 Jerrod moved into the industrial sector as Director of Marketing for equipment supplier Savona Equipment helping to drive up sales over 50 percent within the first year. 3 years later he partnered with Rory Bamford to found the BC based business strategy and advisory group Crownsmen Partners and in only 2 years their firm has served clients in both Canada and the USA that range from industrial equipment to professional services to consumer goods.

Jerrod's "strategically aggressive" approach to business has allowed him to continually expand and the value he puts on partnership continues to open doors. The rush of excitement he felt when he signed the papers for his first company at 17 is the same feeling he still gets every time he opens the file on a new customer or sees a new opportunity. Business has never been a job for Jerrod, it is a passion and a his way to make the world a better place by creating employment opportunities and using supporting humanitarian work locally and around the world.





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