Gaudy Molina



Gaudy, an alumnus of Ailanthus Achievement Centre (where she attended a full-time course in media & arts), has an incredible passion for creativity. This passion has developed her as an outstanding and highly-skilled marketing professional. Gaudy has been responsible for developing innovative marketing campaigns for the clients of Crownsmen, building a strong brand awareness for them and contributing immensely to their business growth. While the creativity aspect has essentially played a crucial role in Gaudy’s contribution towards state-of-the-art marketing campaigns for clients including Hy-G, Nuggles, OH&S, One 4 Haul amongst others, it is also her remarkable drive towards client satisfaction that has developed her as an outstanding key account manager.

Gaudy manages the day-to-day marketing activities of Crownsmen Partners and has evolved to be the backbone of team Crownsmen. She possesses a sound knowledge of digital media and has planned and implemented several successful promotional campaigns across a wide range of industries. She consistently manages customer’s lead generation campaigns (with periodic measuring of results and continuous improvement). Further, she works closely with multiple design agencies in new product launches for the clients of Crownsmen Partners.

Gaudy is multilingual with fluency in Spanish, English and French. She is currently learning Italian and Portuguese. Our online marketing series ‘The Crownsmen Show’, which is a social media phenomenon amongst B2B audience in BC, is the brainchild of Gaudy. Gifted with excellent presentation skills, Gaudy uses her media (she has worked in the film industry in the past) background and skillset effectively to emerge as a result-oriented marketing and communications professional within B2B industry.





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