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  • Eric Beckwitt / Founder & CEO
    "Crownsmen Partners have the most detailed, thoughtful, interview process I have seen. I have been on CNN International, The Today Show, NBC and others and no one gets into the details like they do. Only the New Yorker goes into this kind of detail and thoroughly explores the issues. I highly recommend working with them. Great work!"
    Eric Beckwitt / Founder & CEO
  • Greg Hallett / Projects & Facilities Manager
    "The Crownsmen Podcast was a great opportunity to showcase Otter Co-op and the Co-op Retailing system to other business professionals. Jerrod, Rory and Gaudy were great hosts, and it was a terrific experience for me. Well done Crownsmen Team!"
    Greg Hallett / Projects & Facilities Manager
    Otter Co-op
  • Brent Hilscher / Director of Process Wester Canada
    "Jerrod is a thorough professional who understands the needs of the mining industry and asks informed questions. If you are considering being a guest on his show I would recommend it. He makes the interview enjoyable, and the time flies by."
    Brent Hilscher / Director of Process Wester Canada
    DRA Global
  • Dan De Palma / VP Sales & Marketing
    "Jerrod and his team are very professional and excellent to work with - highly recommended!"
    Dan De Palma / VP Sales & Marketing
    Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc.
  • Rana Elbittibssi / Territory Manager
    "Excellent show, presents a variety of ideas, concepts, and designs to audience in industry. Sure recommend listening and participating."
    Rana Elbittibssi / Territory Manager
    Xylem Inc.
  • John Lamb / Regional Sales Manager
    "Jerrod walked me through the process and made me feel comfortable and explained each step of the Crownsmen podcast Thank you for the opportunity to share my knowledge with your viewers and also respecting some of my requests. I think this show offers a solid platform for guests to discuss industrial topics in depth."
    John Lamb / Regional Sales Manager
    Wainbee Limited
  • Moccasin Trails Tourism Company
    "Crownsmen Partners has been with us since day 1. They have guided and advised us on our journey… They have somehow been able to get us on a level where most people in this world cannot…. everything we have only dreamed about is now coming to reality because of Crownsmen."
    Moccasin Trails Tourism Company
  • Hy-G Concentrators
    "Crownsmen Partners has played an important role assisting Hy-G Concentrators Inc… personalized, accessible, and knowledgeable... saving Hy-G Concentrators significant time and money."
    Hy-G Concentrators
  • Savona Equipment
    "The team at Crownsmen is one of the most professional companies we have worked with… Their work has increased our brand exposure, leads, and MOST IMPORTANTLY our revenue."
    Savona Equipment